Story Time at the Old Trip

After watching a few too many crappy films of late, I’ve been reminded of the power of storytelling these last couple of weeks. Last week was the Flying Goose, Beeston’s cosiest poetry night, only this time it was prose, from the novelists David Belbin and Thomas LeGendre. And yesterday evening I finally made it the Storytellers of Nottingham, after my failed attempt in September.

It was a night of the macabre, and sitting in a sandstone cave at the foot of Nottingham’s castle rock was the perfect setting. We were taken from a captured Pole’s cunning ruse in South America to a ghost town in the Western Australia outback, and a driverless sedan in the Derbyshire rain. All told from memory, with an intentness and level of engagement that screen and radio can only struggle to mimic.

Next month it’s Travellers Tales, 8pm on Thursday 31 March at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (entrance £4).

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